We are registered breeder at the Avicultural Association of South Africa. We specialize in breeding the most popular Congo African Greys in the world. We also breed and export various other species. All the hand raised babies are taken away from their parents at about 25 days of age, from where we hand rear them until weaning stage. Our babies get lots of love and attention and we can guarantee very tame and healthy birds at all times.

All the birds we export are aviary bred in South Africa and we export them with all the necessary Cites permits and health certificates. Certificates that clarify the birds free from P.B.F.D.V will accompany birds on request at an additional cost. We do export to many countries worldwide. Baby birds are available throughout the year, but orders should be placed well in advance to avoid disappointment.

We export under the name of "Raath Parrot Exporters", therefore, you can expect to find this logo on all exporting documentation.